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The real reasons why men hire escorts

hire an escort

The reasons men choose to hire escorts can be as many and as varied as the men themselves, but here’s a few of the more common reasons. Take a look – you may be surprised.

Business travellers

With many men being constantly on the move chasing the next big deal or attending business meetings, it’s hardly surprising that sometimes they get a little tired of life on the road and facing yet another lonely dinner for one or an empty hotel room. After a hard day at work many men love to unwind in the company of an escort who will give them 100% attention without any of the emotional factors that go with a relationship.

Married men seeking intimacy

Older married men seeking out the company of an escort is becoming more and more common. Even when a man is happily married, if the physical intimacy has disappeared, he may start to seek it elsewhere. Here an escort can be the perfect solution, as escorts offer an experience which is much easier to keep as a separate part of their life, rather than embarking on an affair.

To try something new and different

Hiring an escort can be an attractive option for men seeking a sexual activity which they are unable to discuss with their partner or which their partner is not willing to provide. Sometimes it’s just that sense of adventure, the willingness to try something new or something that’s considered a bit ‘kinky’.

To avoid the dating games

The dating scene can be fraught with all kinds of miscommunication, especially when people find it difficult to be forthcoming and honest about their real intentions and desires. Many men find it easier and much cheaper to simply pay for an escort than to try and wine and dine someone they meet in a bar in the hope that it will lead to sex.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?