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Should you leave a review about your escort?

escort reviews

You might have written reviews for the restaurant you ate in last week or the new techno gadget you’ve bought, but should you leave a review for the escort you’ve just met?

Some of you may want to leave a glowing review if you’ve had a fantastic time or a bad review if the evening didn’t quite turn out as you wanted, but stop and think for a minute before you decide to put fingers to keyboard.
Why do you want to write a review?

Did your escort ask you to write one? Are there already plenty of reviews and you would like to add your thoughts? Just remember that although some escort girls love to get reviews and think that they are helpful for business, others feel that they are an invasion of their privacy.
Short and sweet

It’s always better to keep your review short and to the point. You’re not reviewing your sexual performance or credentials; you’re reviewing the service you received from your escort. Keep any sexual details to a minimum.
Be respectful

Remember that escort girls are people with thoughts and feelings, so always be respectful and polite.
Be positive

If you’ve had a less than perfect experience, don’t rush to write a negative review. Take a few minutes to reflect on what actually happened and whether you did something that may have contributed. Remember escort girls love to make their clients happy as this leads to repeat business. Maybe you didn’t have the right chemistry, maybe it was just an off day, but was she really bad at her job? Instead of writing a negative review, contact the agency if you feel you’ve had a bad service.
Multiple Reviews

When you’ve met with several escorts from an escort agency, if you review each individual girl it almost looks as though you’re rating them against each other. Be selective.

Remember, while some escorts love to be reviewed, others don’t, so be considerate and if you do decide to write a review, be positive and be respectful.