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Our Escorts know a thing or two about foot fetishes

foot fetisj

Our escorts have come across many guys with a foot fetish. It’s one of the most common fetishes around, so it’s hardly surprising that our escort girls are often asked for this kind of service. Here’s just a brief overview of the many different ways in which foot fetishists like to live out their fantasy.

Toe Sucking is one of the most common activities among those with a fetish for feet. Generally this is performed on clean feet, giving attention to all the toes and even including a little nibbling at times. It’s also known as shrimping – why? We have no idea!

Giving or receiving a foot massage can be a big, big turn on for most foot fetishists; the chance to handle and caress feet with love and care. Funnily enough, some fetishists just love having their feet tickled, usually to the point of not being able to stand being touched anymore.

Some foot fetishists are turned on by being walked or stood on; they just adore the thought of being a doormat or footstool, of lying at the beautifully shod feet of a beautiful escort. With some support from furniture, it’s possible to stand on all areas of the body (except the spine) and some guys crave the feeling of high heels pressing on the more delicate parts of their body.

While most foot fetishists seem to adore the sight of well kept, clean feet in beautiful shoes or boots, there are some who have a different urge altogether; these are the ones who love nothing better than dirty feet. They desire the intense odour of foot sweat or maybe even the sight of dirt on the soles or under the toe nails. It’s not something any of our Amsterdam escort girls have been asked for yet, but who knows what the future may bring?