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Keeping your escort encounters private

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While you may enjoy the company of escorts, you don’t necessarily want to broadcast the fact that you’re paying for the lovely lady on your arm, so how can you keep your liaisons private?

1. Arrange to meet at locations other than your home, especially if you don’t live alone. If the escort doesn’t do incalls, book a decent hotel. This will eliminate any possibility of your escort leaving any traces of her presence at your home which could be picked up by someone else.

2. Never view escort agency websites or respond to ads etc on a shared computer. Don’t take a chance if someone else has access to your computer; it’s all too easy to see the sites you’ve been visiting, even if you do regularly delete your history. Get yourself a tablet or use your phone and remember to keep it locked with a password and always delete your history.

3. Buy an inexpensive pay-as-you-go mobile or SIM card which you only use to contact escorts or agencies. This will prevent any record being left on your monthly bill, plus you won’t get any inopportune calls on your main mobile.

4. Maintain your privacy by creating a new email address which you use only for making contact with agencies and escorts and don’t include any information that might identify you in the email address.

5. If you’re meeting your escort in a hotel ask her to book the room in her name to avoid leaving paper trails and inappropriate items on your credit card statement. You could also consider purchasing a pre-paid credit card for such occasions.

Just remember; always use your common sense, especially if your reputation is at risk. By planning ahead you’ll be able to keep your liaisons as they should be – private.