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Does age matter when you’re choosing your escort?

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When you browse through the pages of our website, do you check out the age of an escort before making your choice? If so, do you prefer young and nubile escort girls or those who are a little more mature and experienced? Do you assume that escorts are ready to retire by the time they are in their thirties or would it surprise you to know that some escorts are still working even though they are eligible to collect their pensions?

Here in the Netherlands, the Fokken twins have just celebrated 50 years in the Dutch sex industry. Yes, that’s right – five decades of providing escort services with a smile. With over 355,000 clients between them, the 70 year old blonde bombshells have certainly shown the escort world that it’s not all about having young escorts on the books, but more about having escorts who have the experience and knowledge to give clients exactly what they are looking for.

While we don’t have any escorts of pensionable age here at Pro Escort Amsterdam, we’re interested to know how you feel about interacting with more mature escorts. And, more to the point, how would you define ‘older’?

Women are said to reach their sexual peak in their mid thirties and there are many examples of women in their 40’s and 50’s who not only look hot, but who exude a sexual power that’s very appealing to men of all ages. These women are self confident, they’re comfortable with their own sexual desires, and they no longer feel insecure about their bodies or looks. Many younger men love the thought of meeting up with their very own ‘Mrs Robinson’; of being in the capable hands of the sexually experienced and knowledgeable older woman who can teach them a trick or two. But would you want to hire an escort who is old enough to be your mother?

Come on guys – tell us – does age really matter when you’re choosing an escort? And if so – how old is too old?