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What makes a good escort?

Although a career as an escort can prove to be both personally and financially rewarding, it is true to say that not all women have the qualities needed to follow this path. If you’re thinking of becoming a professional escort, check out our guide below to see if you have what it takes to join the growing number of women who are choosing escorting as their career. 1. A confident …Read More

Three of the worst sex tips online

The internet is full of information and it’s often the first place we try when we want advice, but just because it’s out there floating in the ether, it doesn’t mean to say that everything you read is true. Before you rely on the advice you find on the internet, check out three of the worst sex tips seen online. It needs to be fast and it needs to be …Read More

Looking for that perfect threesome experience?

If you’re a couple looking to try a threesome experience then a meeting with an escort could be the perfect solution for you. By making the experience a purely business transaction it takes away the potential danger of inviting someone into your relationship who may become too involved and upset the balance. If you’re new to the whole ‘threesome’ experience, you probably have a lot of fantasies about the whole …Read More

Keeping your escort encounters private

While you may enjoy the company of escorts, you don’t necessarily want to broadcast the fact that you’re paying for the lovely lady on your arm, so how can you keep your liaisons private? 1. Arrange to meet at locations other than your home, especially if you don’t live alone. If the escort doesn’t do incalls, book a decent hotel. This will eliminate any possibility of your escort leaving any …Read More

The real reasons why men hire escorts

The reasons men choose to hire escorts can be as many and as varied as the men themselves, but here’s a few of the more common reasons. Take a look – you may be surprised. Business travellers With many men being constantly on the move chasing the next big deal or attending business meetings, it’s hardly surprising that sometimes they get a little tired of life on the road and …Read More

Should you leave a review about your escort?

You might have written reviews for the restaurant you ate in last week or the new techno gadget you’ve bought, but should you leave a review for the escort you’ve just met? Some of you may want to leave a glowing review if you’ve had a fantastic time or a bad review if the evening didn’t quite turn out as you wanted, but stop and think for a minute before …Read More

Our Escorts know a thing or two about foot fetishes

Our escorts have come across many guys with a foot fetish. It’s one of the most common fetishes around, so it’s hardly surprising that our escort girls are often asked for this kind of service. Here’s just a brief overview of the many different ways in which foot fetishists like to live out their fantasy. Toe Sucking is one of the most common activities among those with a fetish for …Read More